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Assisting In Preparing And Enforcing Employment Policies

Dallas Employment Policies Lawyer

Preparing and Enforcing Employment Policies

Violation of employment laws can have serious consequences for small- and medium-sized businesses. Even a single legal claim for illegal discrimination can cost a small employer financial solvency. If employees take confidential information with them as they leave a company, the company may lose its competitive advantage or customers.

By properly preparing and enforcing employment policies, you can reduce your exposure to these risks.

Come to the law office of Stephen Kaplan, P.C., in Dallas, Texas. With more than 30 years of experience handling legal matters affecting businesses, attorney Stephen Kaplan can effectively advise you on employment policies and what you need to avoid potential employment issues. Contact our offices today to schedule a confidential consultation regarding your employment law concerns and Dallas employment policies. Lawyer Kaplan is ready to serve your business needs.

Dallas, Fort Worth and Metroplex Employee Handbooks: Attorney Helping Protect Your Business

Effective planning and ongoing monitoring can protect your business. You must have sound and consistent employment policies and practices, and effective training of all management personnel, among other things. And the policies must be applied to all employees equally to prevent future allegations of unlawful discrimination. We can help you develop effective employment policies to protect your business interests.

We also can prepare employee handbooks to effectively convey these policies. These handbooks should cover a range of matters that could become legal issues – such as policies on attendance, relationships between employees, noncompete agreements and procedures for working overtime.

True protection requires more than just the creation of employment policies. You must also ensure that your employees are following these policies. Managers must understand their responsibilities under the policies, so that everyone behaves appropriately. We can help you train your managers and employees so that they are not violating employment laws and putting your company at risk.

Helping You Keep Unions Out of the Workplace

Employers cannot prevent employees from unionizing, but employers can take steps to limit the likelihood of unionization. First and foremost, happy employees are less inclined to campaign for unions. Policies that cultivate a happy workplace can be an effective tool to minimize the risk of unionization. Equally important though, certain employment policies can reduce the likelihood of unionization. We can help you develop appropriate employment policies to help keep unions out of the workplace.

Contact an Employment Law Lawyer

Whether you need an attorney to review employment agreements or assist in drafting employee handbooks, contact our law offices today to schedule a confidential consultation. Skilled employment law attorney Stephen Kaplan will discuss with you your policy options for protecting your business interests.

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