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Protecting Your Legacy Through The Estate Planning And Probate Process

Planning for the future — and for the unknown — is an important life step. When you establish a careful estate plan and asset protection strategy, your assets and legacy are protected for future generations. At the law office of Stephen Kaplan, P.C., we are dedicated to helping clients build this foundation for the future in Dallas, Fort Worth or anywhere in Texas.

Providing For The Financial Security Of Your Family

We provide comprehensive estate planning and probate services to our clients across the Dallas and Metroplex area. Our firm regularly drafts estate plans for Texas estates of all sizes. The types of documents that we help clients establish include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts (including testamentary trusts, living trusts, Crummey trusts, ILITs, dynasty trusts, GST trusts and other types of trusts)
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Health care planning documents
  • Asset protection strategies and arrangements

We prepare premarital agreements to assist clients with estate planning before they marry. Additionally, we prepare annual partition agreements after the marriage, if that is part of the estate plan.

Another important aspect of estate planning is asset protection. Through strategic planning, you can take advantage of various legal tools to shield your assets from legal liability. We assist clients with this critically important process.

Understanding The Tax Implications

Estate planning and asset protection involve important tax considerations. By anticipating these implications, we work to minimize the burdens of estate and gift taxes to the fullest extent possible. If necessary, we will also enlist the assistance of accountants and other tax professionals to ensure that we carefully address all tax ramifications.

Assisting You Through Complex Issues

The process and transition will be much easier for your beneficiaries if your estate and probate are properly planned and prepared. We can help with:

  • Appraisals
  • Bill and debt payment
  • Document preparation and filing
  • Estate taxes
  • Locating and securing assets
  • Manage life insurance issues

Planning And Preparation Limits Future Problems

If you become incapacitated or die without a will or an effective estate plan in place, you will not have any control on who gets your assets. Your estate is in intestate and your assets will be distributed by the state. Most of us want control over our assets and our valued personal belongings. The only way to ensure that is through effective estate planning and probate. For more information, please contact our firm at 214-346-6048. Your initial phone consultation is free of charge.

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