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Supporting You Through Difficult Businesses Contract Disputes

The business world relies on contracts to keep operations running smoothly and seamlessly. Business contract development is essential for the growth, development and success of almost every business.

An ideal contract would be thorough enough to virtually eliminate the risk of disputes. After all, part of the role a contract plays it to establish parties’ expectations for what will happen in the event of various contingencies. A well-written contract would also be clear enough to preclude disagreements over interpretation.

In the real world, however, not all contracts are that thorough. Even those that are may still give rise to legal challenges involving breach of contract and other issues.

Contract-related disputes are best resolved with the assistance of an experienced business attorney.

If you are seeking legal guidance on a business contract issue, contact the law office of Stephen Kaplan, P.C., in Fort Worth, Dallas and anywhere in Texas. We have experience drafting and reviewing virtually every type of business contract. An experienced litigator, attorney Stephen Kaplan has focused his entire career — spanning nearly 40 years — on business and corporate law. This background gives him a wealth of knowledge on pursuing and defending against contract claims.

The Advantage Of A Small Firm: Efficient, Responsive And Cost-Effective

Because we are a small firm with a niche business law focus, we provide a high level of personalization. You will work directly with attorney Stephen Kaplan and his experienced staff. We also have the ability to work quickly, providing rapid responses and taking swift action when time is of the essence.

We recognize that not every contract dispute requires filing a lawsuit. Full-fledged litigation may jeopardize your business’s profits and relationships. In many cases, we are able to resolve disputes through strategic negotiations, demand letters, mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Ultimately, we are committed to doing right by our clients through whatever path is most appropriate.

Learn more about our services by calling 214-346-6048. Your initial phone consultation with lawyer Stephen Kaplan is free of charge.

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