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Impartial Mediation Could Facilitate Successful Settlements

Mediation is a confidential out-of-court process for resolving legal disputes. During mediation, a trained mediator acts as an impartial third party to facilitate settlement discussions.

While the goal of mediation is to reach a settlement agreement favorable to both parties, there is no requirement that either party agree to a resolution. Unlike arbitrators, mediators do not have the ability to make any decisions regarding the underlying dispute. They can only persuade. Reciprocally, it is our job as your attorney to persuade the mediator and the other parties to the mediation.

How We Will Work To Protect Your Interests

At the Dallas law firm of Stephen Kaplan, P.C., we represent clients through the mediation process. It’s important to have a lawyer for several reasons. For example, our attorney can:

  • Prepare a strong case going into mediation, including gathering effective evidence to support your position
  • Help you delineate your goals, priorities and willingness to compromise on discrete issues
  • Advise you on the legal ramifications of potential resolutions
  • Highlight any critical issues that could undermine your goals
  • Assist in drafting and reviewing any settlement agreements

We understand how to make the most of mediation to protect your ultimate interests. Our attorney will work closely with you to understand your objectives. Relying on nearly 40 years of experience, Mr. Kaplan serves as both a trusted adviser and advocate.

A Broad Base Of Litigation And Dispute Resolution Experience

Many business contracts require mediation of disputes because the mediation process is much less expensive and time-consuming than full-fledged litigation. However, if mediation fails to produce a resolution, litigation may still become necessary.

Because we practice in both litigation and out-of-court alternatives to trial, we can represent you in court should the need arise. We have an impressive foundation of experience in Texas courts.

For more information about arbitration, mediation or litigation, please contact our firm at 214-346-6048. We don’t charge for your initial phone consultation.

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