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Your Legal Advocates Throughout An Arbitration

Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution method. Instead of leaving their case in the hands of a judge or jury — and participating in the costly, time-consuming litigation process — the parties instead present their claims before a private judge. The arbitrator is a neutral decision-maker with experience and training in resolving legal disputes.

Like mediation and other alternatives to trial, arbitration offers greater flexibility, swifter resolution and less expense. As a result, many business contracts and collective bargaining agreements contain mandatory arbitration and mediation provisions. Arbitration may be the only opportunity you have to resolve legal disputes for obtaining a favorable outcome.

Why Legal Advocacy Is So Critical

While less formal than a trial, arbitration nonetheless demands a high degree of professional skill and training. Much hinges on your attorney’s ability to present a strong case. Your lawyer must understand the nuances of the Federal Arbitration Act and the Texas Arbitration Act, for example. He or she must also have litigation experience, which serves as a vital foundation for successful advocacy in arbitration.

You will find this high quality of legal advocacy at the Dallas law office of Stephen Kaplan, P.C. Our attorney has focused on business law for the duration of his nearly 40-year career. His experience spans the vast array of business-related disputes that can lead to arbitration. As a seasoned litigator, he has the kind of background and training that are essential for successfully navigating arbitration.

Challenging Or Upholding The Validity Of Arbitration Agreements

In addition to representing clients in the actual arbitration process, we also represent those seeking to challenge or defend an arbitration agreement in court. Our extensive knowledge of contract law gives us the insight necessary to protect clients’ interests.

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